At Island Gospel Centre our heart is for love and care and prayer
for our congregation, community and country! 

At the present time due to covid-19 current regulations we are unable to hold in person services or Bible studies at the church.  

Our overall and ongoing desire as you connect with us is for you                                             to experience ...

... a warm, friendly welcome.  

... the feeling of being at home (even if you're with us for the first time).

... the opportunity to be involved as a participant (if you so choose) and not merely as a spectator.

... a Bible-centred message which speaks to your life and circumstances.

... the sense that you're in a safe place where you can be loved and cared for, where you can belong and feel included.

... a community of faith with an outward focus, whose goal is to reach out  both locally and globally.

.... our services on line are shorter.  You can expect a 50 minute service starting at 10am.

Of course these desires are obviously hindered during times of meeting restrictions however this is our heart, and we are here to help as best we can.  Please give us a call.

                       We are a church community that serves Vancouver Island's 
                                            beautiful Lighthouse District. 

Island Gospel Centre is officially affiliated with
the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.
Our church family includes believers from a wide variety
of denominational backgrounds. 

You are welcome here.